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Austin Hatch Survives Plane Crash Twice

June 28, 2011Comments are closed.

Austin Hatch may only be 16-years-old, but he has survived two plane crashes. The first plane crash took the life of his mother and two siblings in 2003 and the second crash, which happened this past Friday, killed his father and stepmother.

According to People, Austin is currently in a medically induced coma at a Michigan area hospital, where close friends have gathered to keep watch.

They’re all gone,” Dan Kline, Hatch’s basketball coach at Canterbury High School told the Associated Press. “He’s the only one left. What’s the chance of that happening? A million to one, if that. It’s just unbelievable.”

Austin was planning, and may still plan on attending college at the University of Michigan where his mother and father had attended, on a full scholarship. Austin recently spoke with The Journal Gazette about receiving this special scholarship and said it “was a very special moment for me. There was no reason to wait. … I couldn’t turn it down.”

So sad.

Our thoughts go out to Austin. We hope you make a full and speedy recovery. Stay strong.

Austin Hatch

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