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Kris Williams Opens Up About ‘Ghost Hunters International’

October 5, 2012Comments are closed.

Kris Williams, star of the SyFy series Ghost Hunters International opens up about the future of the series and gives fans answers to some of their biggest questions.

As you may already know, Kris Williams is the first female co-lead investigator on Ghost Hunters International (GHI) and she got her start on Ghost Hunters, where she worked as a historical researcher for three-and-a-half years alongside Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango.

Last season of GHI proved to be a difficult one for Kris because she did not agree with the shows decision to use bloodletting as an investigative tool and says she no longer feels like she fits in with the show.

“As a skeptic, GHI spun off a skeptic team (TAPS)-I don’t feel that bloodletting belongs as a rational investigative tool on a team of skeptics. So, I don’t feel that I fit there,” says Kris.

If you didn’t see the episode, let me fill you in: Kris’ fellow investigator Susan Slaughter actually cut her arm and let her own blood flow into a sacrificial bowl in order to arouse spirit activity.

I thought the act was senseless and irresponsible, so I’m glad Kris is upset about it and isn’t afraid to take a stand. Here is what Kris had to say about the bloodletting episode back in March when it aired:

“For those of you disgusted with last nights BS or had kids watching, I apologize for my teams stupidity.”

The decision to air this bloodletting footage may have really hurt the shows credibility and ratings. After the show aired, ratings slowly began to dip. In March 2012, the show ranked #16 in the Nielsen Ratings with 1.12 million viewers and just one week later it dropped down to #20. This decline in ratings sparked rumors that the show was headed for trouble.

So what does that mean? Has GHI been canceled?

As of right now, there has been no official announcement from SyFy regarding the future of Ghost Hunters International, but as of right now, the show has not been renewed for a fourth season. This time last year, Kris Williams and the rest of the team had already begun filming, so that’s not a very good sign.

As for whether Kris Williams will return to Ghost Hunters, her answer is simple: No.

“Not going back to GH was my choice. There is no bad will, no drama. I love everyone over on GH and I love Syfy. I am very grateful for the time I spent on GH and everything I have experienced. I am personally just ready for something new-life is about moving forward, it’s about taking on new challenges.”

As for what those new challenges will be, time will tell. Kris says she has “other things” she’s working on right now, but it’s still in the early stages. In the meantime, she’s working on a book and she’s blogging for Ancestry.com.

I don’t know about you, but I really like the idea of Ghost Hunters International because I love seeing these exotic locations and learning about their history. I’m just not 100% happy with the direction the show has taken. I love Kris Williams and think she’s great, but in my opinion, some casting and formatting changes need to happen.

To learn more about what Kris Williams thinks, head on over to her blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think?

Kris Williams opens up about the future of Ghost Hunters International

5 comments to “Kris Williams Opens Up About ‘Ghost Hunters International’”

  1. Tony Cerda · October 7, 2012 · Permalink

    I don’t need to do any research to know that it was because of Kris Williams that Ghost Hunters is still around today. Ghost Hunters lost its freshness early on. It was obvious that when Tango came in, that saved the show. Then, once we got used to Tango, Ghost Hunters completely lost it again. Kris came in and brought a whole new level of freshness to the show and once again, it was worth watching. When Kris went to GHI, it was only right that she should become co-lead investigator. GHI was always good because of the dynamic between Barry & Kris. It was perfect! Kris has always been a very respectable and a very credible investigator. For me, the best that Ghost Hunters ever was, was when Kris & Amy were together. Everyone I knew would rush home to watch Kris & Amy investigate. We wouldn’t even call the show Ghost Hunters any more. We would say to one another at the office: “Are you watching ‘Kris & Amy’ tonight?” Whatever project Kris is working on, I know that it will be successful. Without a doubt! Good luck to her!

    • Twisted News · October 7, 2012 · Permalink

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tony! We always love to hear what fellow fans think.

  2. ann · October 10, 2012 · Permalink

    Boy, i love gh, ghi .. gh is struggling right now with grant gone, brought in newbie ashley after gabby big hit burst. So hey “we need a new girl, amy on maternity time soon” so no previous people off gha capable to do it… she doesnt seem confidant yet.. also gh dealing with set up crew making for fake evidence….
    Anyway losing ghi is stupid .. beautiful scenery and settings more hopping than gh… im sure susan didnt bleed that much beyond giving blood setting… just blew it all out of proportion… kris kept watching them doing it instead of patrolling perimeter for reaction ..if so disgusted why keep watching reenactment … boy then everyone just took it from there… why aired it syfy if such a public recoil on it… paul, scott, joe didnt spout off about it so …. kris killed ghi not susan with such vehement protest … talk to syfy they allowed it and aired it barry encouraged it but no one is discrimating that decision…. so in ending im sorry if ghi cancels … but best to crew in whatever they find to do…. we all know kris has a pay to use ancestry site what about barry, joe, paul, susan have planned ???????
    Laterz still a ghi fan………

  3. ann · October 13, 2012 · Permalink

    How do we see thumbs up/down people?????

    • Twisted News · October 14, 2012 · Permalink

      What do you mean?

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