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Blind Item: Heartthrob Wedding Bells

October 22, 2012Comments are closed.

Which famous heartthrob is planning in getting married to his famous girlfriend sooner rather than later?

Last week we talked about a young couple that will be getting engaged in the near future. A few of the guesses pointed to this popular male heartthrob. While he was not the subject of those blinds, he is the subject of this one!

This heartthrob would like to be engaged to his famous girlfriend, whom he has been dating for over a year. And here’s some surprising news for you: he actually proposed to her a few months ago!

But… she said “No.” However, “No” doesn’t mean “Never.” She told him to ask her again in a few months. So they might still get engaged in 2013. But she is not ready to make a big commitment to marriage – or a baby – right now.

[Source: Blind Gossip]

I think this publicity stunt smells like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! If this is about them, then this is a divorce just waiting to happen. They are just way too young – in my opinion. Then again, the wedding pictures would be priceless!

I think one requirement for marriage should involve the ability to grow a beard. Am I right?

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