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Why So Sad Ghost Hunters?

February 9, 2012Comments are closed.

If you’re a fan of Ghost Hunters, you may have been curious to know why everyone was upset in the preview for next weeks episode. Well, you’re not alone.

In the short clip, Ghost Hunter Steve Gonsalves was seen crying, which he’s only done once before. If you recall, he became emotional during an episode after attempting to board a plane with his fellow cast mates. Steve has an intense fear of flying and somehow, we have a feeling these fears may have a little something to do with next weeks emotional episode, which will reveal “the most shocking news in Ghost Hunters history!”

Now, I’m no insider and I have no idea what happens in next weeks “mid-season” finale, but I believe Steve has decided to leave the incredibly popular series due to the increasing demands placed on the cast and crew to fly all over the country. Most likely, driving cross country just isn’t cutting it anymore for Steve and who knows, maybe a better opportunity is just around the corner.

As you may recall, Steve and his sidekick Dave Tango had their own Ghost Hunters spin-off called Ghost Hunters Academy (2009-2010), but fans of the show missed watching the guys investigate. So, the twosome returned to Ghost Hunters as another member (Kris Williams) left to join Ghost Hunters International. Steve has had to miss out on a few investigations over the years due to his fear of flying and if he is leaving the show, fans will surely miss him.

If Steve is leaving Ghost Hunters, it’s our hope that he will return to the SyFy Network in some other show.

What do you think?

Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango in 'Ghost Hunters'. (Photo: SyFy)

8 comments to “Why So Sad Ghost Hunters?”

  1. GH FAN · February 9, 2012 · Permalink

    I really hope no one is leaving, but it looks like someone is! The preview made it look like a major cast member is leaving – like Grant or Jason. The show wouldn’t be the same without them though…

  2. Binky · February 12, 2012 · Permalink

    Grant’s leaving. It’s all over the internet.

    • Shaggy · February 12, 2012 · Permalink

      Why would Grant be leaving? He and Jason are the founders of TAPS. I think that would destroy the show. I hope its not true. I for one would be so disappointed. This show has brought to light a lot of issues of the spirit world that once were thought to be ” Taboo “. It won’t be the same if any team member leaves.

  3. Meg · February 15, 2012 · Permalink

    Why would Steve be in the room waiting for Jason and Grant to come in and make an announcement that he is leaving? That seems weird. My money is on Grant who is not scheduled to appear at any of the upcoming TAPS live events. He’s been getting into his music and art more, and wanting to be home with his family. I can’t really say that I blame him, they are always on the run!

    • Twisted News · February 15, 2012 · Permalink

      I’m kinda with you on that Meg. After watching the preview again, I did notice that Grant and Jason were outside and the rest of the grew were waiting on the “news”. If I had to choose between Jason and Grant, my guess would also be on Grant. We shall find out soon enough!

  4. Nailtechmom · February 15, 2012 · Permalink

    After reading what people are guessing about tonights’ show, I actually was thinking worse. So if someone is leaving because of a fear of flying, or wanting to pursue other adventures, that would be a great relief to me…I was hoping someone wasn’t sick.

    • Twisted News · February 15, 2012 · Permalink

      That’s true – being sick would be the worst case scenario.

  5. sandy · February 16, 2012 · Permalink

    Would it be maybe a personal decision? Maybe some trouble at home? Either way I’m gonna miss his cute face. And I’ll surely pray for him.

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