• Binky · February 12, 2012 · Permalink

    Grant’s leaving. It’s all over the internet.

  • Meg · February 15, 2012 · Permalink

    Why would Steve be in the room waiting for Jason and Grant to come in and make an announcement that he is leaving? That seems weird. My money is on Grant who is not scheduled to appear at any of the upcoming TAPS live events. He’s been getting into his music and art more, and wanting to be home with his family. I can’t really say that I blame him, they are always on the run!

  • Nailtechmom · February 15, 2012 · Permalink

    After reading what people are guessing about tonights’ show, I actually was thinking worse. So if someone is leaving because of a fear of flying, or wanting to pursue other adventures, that would be a great relief to me…I was hoping someone wasn’t sick.

  • sandy · February 16, 2012 · Permalink

    Would it be maybe a personal decision? Maybe some trouble at home? Either way I’m gonna miss his cute face. And I’ll surely pray for him.

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