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Grant Wilson Says Goodbye To ‘Ghost Hunters’

February 16, 2012Comments are closed.

The news fans of the popular SyFy series Ghost Hunters have dreaded hearing, has finally been revealed. Last night, Grant Wilson shared his decision to leave the show with his fellow cast mates.

One looming question remains: Why?

Could someone in Grant’s family be sick? Could Grant himself be sick? Does Grant miss spending more time with his family? Or is something else going on behind the scenes?

I don’t have any answers, but Grant confirmed via Twitter that he is OK. If you watched last nights episode, you may have noticed that there appeared to be tension between Grant and Jason. This could be the result of editing or there really could be trouble in paradise between Grant and Jason; the stars of Ghost Hunters and the founders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society).

The mid-season finale was filmed back in January and during that time, Jason and Grant sent a few interesting (mostly humor mixed with a bit of sarcasm) tweets. This one is  a photo of a tree that says, “Friends are a lot like trees. They fall down when you hit them multiple times with an axe.” Could this be a passive aggressive way these two old friends choose to share their frustrations with one another? Anything is possible.

@Jchawes: Hey Here you go! lockerz.com/s/177407642” that’s weird, was thinking the same thing about trees, They’re a lot like people that way. View photo

@Jchawes: Hey @grantswilson !! Here you go!!!lockerz.com/s/177407642” Wow that’s so nice. You should work for Hallmark Cards.

Another theory is Grant’s having marital troubles. A fan of Ghost Hunters sent Grant a tweet asking why he no longer wore his wedding ring. His response, “Finger had a reaction to the metal. Trying 2 fix.”

@Sissa720: i dont mean to be nosey or anything but how come u dont wear ur ring anymore??” finger had a reaction to the metal. Trying 2 fix

The theories are endless, but the simplest answer is Grant just wasn’t happy doing the show anymore. Maybe it got old, a little too commercial, and a lot more work than he originally signed on for. It must be hard being on the road all the time with a family at home.

The bottom line is, we will miss watching Grant on Ghost Hunters, but it’s our hope that Grant is happier now that he’s made the difficult decision to leave.

The remaining episodes of Ghost Hunters featuring Grant will return to SyFy in April.

UPDATE [2/16/12 @11:14 a.m.]:

Grant and Jason have both released separate statements via TAPS website. Here they are:

GRANT WILSON – “It is with mixed emotion that I am announcing my departure from the cast of Ghost Hunters.  While paranormal investigating has always been and will remain a passion for me, after enjoying nearly eight successful seasons on television, I have made the decision to leave the series in order to focus on other aspects of my personal life.

I will deeply miss working with Jason and the rest of the dedicated investigators and crew that have become like family, and I wish them all the best as they continue to follow their passion and realize the vision of TAPS.

I will also miss interacting with our wonderful fans worldwide.  You are all at the heart of what we do on Ghost Hunters, and I’m grateful to have gotten to know many of you over the years.

Thank you to Syfy and Pilgrim Studios for giving me the opportunity to do what I love for nearly eight years, and for supporting this difficult decision.”

JASON HAWES - “When Grant and I founded TAPS nearly 20 years ago, we never imagined that we would be able to make such an impact just by doing what we enjoy every day.  I will miss working with Grant on a daily basis, and am indebted to the level of dedication and expertise he has brought to our field.

I can’t imagine having a better partner through it all – both on the show and off.  Grant and I, along with our spouses and children, are all like one big family.  While I fully support his decision to move on from the series, this longtime friendship – as well as our business partnership – will continue off-camera for years to come.”

Photo tweeted by Jason & Grant

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson & Jason Hawes



5 comments to “Grant Wilson Says Goodbye To ‘Ghost Hunters’”

  1. Char · February 16, 2012 · Permalink

    I am really sorry to see Grant leave. I really hope all is well. Although I don’t think the show will be the same, I will still be a loyal follower. They are one of the few paranormal shows I actually believe when they investigate. I think that Grant is a perfect match for Jason. Jason seems easily set off and Grant is one that actually will think about something before taking action. He will be truly missed. I’m sure that Ghost Hunters will be successful still because the rest of the group is awesome.

  2. Jewelz · February 17, 2012 · Permalink

    I watched closely at Grant’s expressions as he was saying goodbye to the cast. I could not help but wonder, as I looked at his eyes and his facial expressions that there was something very relevant in what Grant was saying. I could tell Grant was at a crossroads..he HAD to make a decision. It was one way or the other as if he was given an ultimatum. He chose what he felt was his only choice. I felt a cloud of ambivalance surrounding him as he spoke his words. In his heart, Grant did NOT want to leave GH…Grant HAD to leave and I felt it was very personal. So personal to the point that if he did not leave GH, then, he would have lost something else that he feels is even more important in his life. Honestly, I believe it was due to the stress the filming of GH put upon him and his family. I cannot imagine being away from my spouse and kids for such long periods of time that after 8 long years, it just continued eating away at the fiber of his marriage and family until it wore it so thin, that Grant felt he had to leave before that thing string of fiber broke completely. He feels heartbroken to have to give up something he LOVES so much. He feels heartbroken..letting down his fans, cast and crew..he just feels heartbroken and sick…BUT..he HAD to do it or lose what is the MOST important in his life (as it should be). Grant you have your priorities straight and in order. We thank you for giving us 8 years of your life. Now it is time for you to think about yourself and your family because truly..that is…what is the MOST important in anyone’s life. I, We…will all miss you greatly, but, we also understand your decision. GH will be fine for there are so many great characters aboard…Jason, Steve, Tango etc…fans will always remember you, but we will also remember all the great shows the other cast members have and will continue to give us. Thank you!

  3. Carm · February 20, 2012 · Permalink

    I have been a loyal watcher of GH for the 8 years on television. The friendship and respect Grant and Jason have for one another kept me watching.They are the ‘real’ thing in ghosthunting. I appreciated the debunking and confirming of ghost, etc. when their final analysis was given to their clients. I actually was unnerved and cried when Grant spoke to Jason and even more touched emotionally, when Grant spoke to the GH team. I felt I lost a good friend. Grant thank you for giving us 8 years of your life as a GH. You were the stablilizing force when Jason became too ‘tense’ or ‘impatient’ Jason will have a tough time ‘replacing’ you; though you cannot be replaced. I wish you well with your work and family and hope you will come back from time to time. They will need your help!

  4. KMToledo · February 20, 2012 · Permalink

    This is just me thinking out loud. I got the sense there was pressure on Grant from his family(AKA, his wife) to depart. I imagine the travel would be tough to handle for a wife, so it’s entirely understandable. If it comes to D-I-V-O-R-C-E or ghost hunting, I reckon ghost hunting takes a back seat. As it should.

  5. Grinch · February 29, 2012 · Permalink

    They better figure out how to get Grant back ASAP. He and Steve bring the credibility and personality to the show. The new cast members simply do not have the solid qualities that Grant brings. Ghosthunters will now be like Simon without Garfinkle, Abbott without Costello, Batman without Robin. The producers better resolve Grant’s dilemmas immediately, and make him that offer he cannot refuse! Grant is beloved by many and it will not be the same without Grant. not to mention all the imitators around that will find new viewers who miss the chemistry on Ghosthunters, so shop around for the first time in 8 years!

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