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4 comments to “Man Robs Bank For Medical Treatment”

  1. Joey Williams · June 21, 2011 · Permalink

    What a sad and depressing story for America. I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone has had to do this just for medical insurance network. My cousin is an insurance agent works at a insurance agency that deal primarly with healthcare and I hear sad stories all the time of how people are robbed of just getting the basic treatment and care they need cause they can’t afford it. Our government needs to fix this right away cause if people are going to jail voluntarly basicallly just for care there is a problem with our society and governmen.t

  2. Alexandra Longest · June 21, 2011 · Permalink

    This is a huge blow to our system and our country as a whole. This is a herendous story for someone that simple wan’ts health insurace. Not everyone is as fortunate to have health care insurance, life insurance, and just any insurance and just for simple basic care someone needs our society and government has failed. I remember just to get a medical insurance quote for my daughters asthma problems cost me 50 dollars out of pocket to just to find out what I would eventually be paying them. I feel for this person and he is taking full advantage of the messed up system we have.

  3. BobbyT · June 23, 2011 · Permalink

    I can say that he has a good idea in order for him to survive when inadequacy strikes us. I thought no one dares to be in prison but I guess it is available for those who are very desperate and in need for just to live. I can see his seriousness to be cured by what he has that makes him feel in pain. You can read more this here: James Verone commits $1 bank robbery for prison healthcare,

  4. Runny · August 7, 2011 · Permalink

    The greatest nation on earth???

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