• Crabber4Life · May 25, 2011 · Permalink

    I am actually a Captain of another boat in the show ( try to guess which one! ) and I know alot of details that people that just watch the show do not know. I just wanted to ass that Cap’n Derrick is a total jerk and has a God complex. He knew the boys were firing his sorry ass when they got back to Dutch so the sorry bastard tried everything in his power ( which is obviously NONE, as was seen on the show last night ) to have Jake arrested purely out of SPITE. The sonofabitch Derrick should not be allowed to captain on of those free submarines that you add baking soda into that you used to get free in a box of cereal. The Cornelia is not his boat and he is not the kids father. If I see him ( Derrick ) on the docks in Dutch I am going to show him what a real BULLY is. The same way I did to another Capn’ on the show a few seasons ago ( if you know what I mean hehe ).

    J.H. ( T.B. )

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    I am only an observer, an avid one at that, and I respect EVERYONE of those guys on the show and in the industry.

    I don’t really think that Jonathan Hillstrand would REALLY go on this site and mispell a bunch of words and put himself, his crew and family business on the line with the above and alleged claim of being “JH” from the “TB.” If I’m wrong then I sncerely apologize, but I don’t buy it.

    Second of all, I know producers of shows REALLY over dramatize each situation to, ask the late, great captain Phil said, “to tell a story…”

    Third, I do believe the “story” they (the producers) told was actually more accurate than not. This is a captain (Derrick) that has over 20 years in the business. He’s won awards and is HIGHLY respected in his industry. He has probably seen it all and then some. This sitation is NO different. He didn’t HAVE to take the job and didn’t seem to be a “glory hound” nor have a “God complex.” He simply was put in an extemely volitile and delicate situation being it the first season without Phil.

    Those boys were EXTREMELY spoiled when it came to their father’s love. That’s not a bad thing. The bad part is they carried it over on the boat with (not so much Josh) this “I own the boat so screw you” mentality.

    I am POSITIVE that Derrick spotted the drug use in a recovering addict Jacob Harris, and when Jacob KNEW he was caught he made arrangements, probably when the boat was closing in on Dutch, to get outta Dodge ASAP. If MY reputation were on the line I would have NO problem in taking unlimited drug tests to clear up ANY issues. Those that have nothing to hide don’t resist the issues.

    But that’s just me.

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    Each boat is a business. Those boys do not need to run the boat as bad as they need to run the business. As an international businessman I give them a snowball chance in hades of getting their act together and moving forward. No matter who helps them they have to WANT to succeed. I am certain that everything that happened has not been shown as it is not in Discoveries best interest to balance the dealings on the bearing sea. Their job is to make you and I want to watch the show week after week. After all, they are good businessmen.

  • Becky · May 25, 2011 · Permalink

    I am a drug councilor and believe Jake Harris is again using drugs. As a result he will do and say anything (denial) to hide his addiction. His rush to the airport (with no luggage) at the sight of a police officer is the act of a person who wants to avoid detection for drug use. All Jake had to do was submit to a drug test but he deflected the officer’s request by claiming he was being harassed. This is a common ploy by addicts to avoid detection. Unfortunately Jake has a crew of enablers who for one reason or another have blamed Derrick Ray for the problems on board their ship. Until Jake takes responsibility for his behavior he will continue to pose a safety risk for himself and crew mates.

  • gordangrandpa · May 25, 2011 · Permalink

    I agree with you totally! Jake should be so embarassed by his actions and then trying to run away! He should stay on the plane to a far, far land! He should never get back on a FV.

  • Wrangler · May 25, 2011 · Permalink

    First: It would be great for Jon Hillstrand to come over during opillio and Andy for Kings to teach and run the boat until someone they approve of takes over as Captain. Josh, who has the more level head, should come off the deck and work with the engineer and get hands on in the wheelhouse. The Hillstrands have a great attitude on the TB and it would be great for it to spill onto the CM especially right now.
    Second: Derrick’s actions withstanding (they sucked. You don’t come into someone else’s house and try to run things like a supreme dictator. There was definately lack of respect), Jake sneaked off the boat. That does not make him look very innocent of being drug-free (at least while on the boat).
    I am glad that Derrick is gone as his style of captaining does not fit the CM in any way and I hope to all get out that the CM can come out of the ashes and become profitable again. Please don’t let the boat die with Phil. Help it survive. It has become a symbol for so many people.

  • bob · May 26, 2011 · Permalink

    Question. When is a drug addict lying?
    Answer. Whenever he opens his mouth.

  • Brent · May 27, 2011 · Permalink

    The bottom line is that the boys turned to what they thought was the answer. Surprising it was not the Hillstrand brothers. However; regardless of awards, experience (20 years), past glory the boys needed the pots to have something in them. This was just a bad situation. Derrick was a bad fit and yes the boys are spoiled. maybe if the pots were full the crew wouldn’t care if Derrick cursed them up one side and down the other. Similar to the other boats…who were pulling crab (the veterans with awards, experience and respect).Expectations were high and patience short. Yeah Jake was smoking pot and hauled butt out of there…obvious. Cops??? Mixed on that call. Yes the Hillstrand brothers would be a good fit. I still see tough love, but they get the job done and pull crab. Josh and maybe the same crew stay on…Jake needs help and the boat is not the place for it. Sad, but true. It’s a business and we all love the CM and cherished memories of CPT. Phil (RIP). Not an easy fix for the CM but it would not be the same without it. IMO we would all trade the Rambling Rose, Wizard, Kodiak and that other guy for just one CM pulling out of Dutch Harbor again. :)

  • 46akborn · May 28, 2011 · Permalink

    There is such as forgiveness but the captain is trying to protect his butt but thats life. every drug user can be forgiving if she/he can go thru treatment and can go with their lives. it is real. it is up to that person is to forgive and to forget and to have that person to go thru treatment. if the capt. is trying to destroy and too protect his butt. thats natural. it is up to the judge to decide becaue it is THE DEADLIEST CATCH….and people die.

  • HG · May 29, 2011 · Permalink

    Jake is a lair! Josh needs to wake up and tell the little twerp to stay in rehab until he is off the drugs. Jon or Andy would be a great addition to the CM to train Josh. I am not sure Jake is worth the time and effort. Capt. Phil would kick Jake’s ass off the CM.

  • Shannon Davis · May 30, 2011 · Permalink

    You are an awsome person. No matter how bad things get you and your brother Andy know how to make the best of things. I think that you or Andy can teach Jake and Josh how to be the crabbers we all know they can be. God bless you all and stay safe out on the Bering Sea. We aren’t ready to loose any of yall. Love you guys. Keep safe!

    Love Always,
    Shannon M Davis

  • Kevin · May 31, 2011 · Permalink

    I have been a G.M. for quite awhile, probably in my field as long as Derrick has been in his field of work. Drug use is just as Derrick stated “zero tolerance”. Although addicts have a tendency to lie they are people, just like non-users. Derrick, although I agree with his position, should have dealt with the issues with Jake in a more discreet manner, as to make sure dirty laundry would not air. I cringed during this episode, which makes good t.v. I still respect Derrick as a captain, just not a tactful minded rehab counselor. He is not there to baby, which he did not do. He is there to catch crab, which he did not do. 8 days or so was not enough time though, we saw other ships stay out for weeks before success came. These young offspring of Phil’s, had presumed life would be easy and crab would be jumping into their boat. Life is not about being successful all the time, it is about choices we make in light of adversity and as a result how do we deal with it. This was a no win situation for all partys involved…all! Give them time off. Let them reflect if they want to be their own type of man or are they doing this because they felt as if they had to as an omage’ of sorts to their dad. I wish all the best in whatever endeavor they choose, whatever road they trod or sea/ocean they sail. Besy to Derrick, Josh, Jake, Cornelia and crew.

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    I have fished all my life. I have been on many boats and different crews. Pot smoking was involved on almost every boat. It’s not a big deal. Its an easy way to relax between shifts, and doesn’t have the negative effects of alcohol at sea.

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    jake is a looser since day one with a drug prob ..how can he ever run a boat with out killing someone? Derrick had every wright ..the fans dont understand what it means to run a boat …there is a 0 tolerance…prob cornelia made the wright choice cuz the hillstrands have drug probs of there own…lol

  • cabojoe · June 3, 2011 · Permalink

    I just see jake in the wheel house all kushed and pilled out in rough seas pulling pots ,running over bouys,tangled props loosing power and flipping the boat….best to save the kush for at home ..just my opinion….

  • Smokin · June 6, 2011 · Permalink

    Crabber4Life You are so full of shit. You expect us to believe that the real Johnathan Hillstrand, whose hands are suppose to be rough from hard work….who admittedly has trouble typing…even when he is sober… took the the time to type 10 lines of copy, punctuated and capitalized… and did not say the “F” word once or even reference it….. Derrick has a “God” complex??? Did you forget an episode when you saw…who is it that told his son “you know what the difference is between God and a Captain????” ….hmmm. Who ever you are…I think it is funny that people actually believe it is you.

  • Lori · June 15, 2011 · Permalink

    So, let me start by saying I loved Captain Phil. I liked Jake early on in the show, when he was still young and fresh but even before Capt. Phil died, you can see how much he’s changed. I never really cared for Josh. However, I enjoyed watching the dynamic of the family play out.
    That said, I think Derrick is also a bit of a jerk but you know so are CEOs, Judges, Presidents, and most people put in charge of managing any sort of business.
    I think he was in a no win situation because Jake and Josh are really irresponsible and have no business or management skills whatsoever. Do I think they can run the boat someday? Yes but only if they put in the effort to learn the necessary skills. I think Derrick was trying to teach that to them in some way but I think his approach didn’t work with them. If they don’t mature and become solid captains and businessmen, it is sad to say that Capt. Phil’s legacy will be going down the tubes.
    Just because crabbing is “in their blood” (such a nonstatement), only means they can be good deckhands, it takes knowledge, effort, maturity and skill to be a deckboss or a captain and unfortunately they both come across as being coddled. I mean really, could you see Edgar or Sig acting like this when they were there age? No, they already knew how to run their boat and were doing it.

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    OMG! I love this show. Jake you will be fine just focus on the future and you not only look like my son but you act like him too. You have one of the hardest jobs on the world so if any of these CEO people wanna give it a shot in the bearing sea for 8 years let em and then see what they have to say. johnathon your just awesome!!! and josh you seem level headed you will be captain no doubt about it. seems to me jake and josh are getting along better too. GREAT!!!!! hated that.oh and edgar get back on the northwestern you are hot. saw the episode of cash cab with the four of you guys you are a smart man.

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