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Mysterious Animal Washes Ashore In Bahamas

March 22, 2011Comments are closed.

According to CNN iReport, a mysterious animal has washed ashore on Acklins Island in the Bahamas.

Could this photo be a hoax?

I am not quite sure what this thing is, but it is most likely a whale carcass. What kind of whale could this be? I have no clue.

All I see is a head that looks like a lion, with fins that look like a whale, and a body that looks like a huge walrus.

What do you think it is?

3 comments to “Mysterious Animal Washes Ashore In Bahamas”

  1. john · March 28, 2011 · Permalink

    this is not a hoax….it still there, i live in the bahamas

  2. Shar · April 28, 2011 · Permalink

    Apparently alot of what supposed to be the head is missing along with the tail.

    There are alot of sharks in this region, so if it was sick or dying, it would almost be defenseless. It is also very warm on Acklins, lending to the rapid decomposition.

    But I would really like to know exactly what it was and if it is infact a what, exactly what type! Can we get some Marine Biologists down here to identify this animal? Jacques Cousteau would have loved this find :-)

  3. Markus · June 9, 2011 · Permalink

    Do you see the black “lines”? This ventral groves identifies this carcass as rorqual whale. I fear the species can’t be identified with this pic only.

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